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Trinity Oaks Supports Veterans

Douglas Grant, Teacher

A former middle school teacher, Douglas (Doug) Grant works as a licensed professional counselor at South Texas Rural Health Services. Active in his local community, teacher Douglas Grant supports charitable organizations such as Trinity Oaks, which donates wild game animals to local homeless shelters and food banks.

In addition to donating surplus hunted meat to families in need, Trinity Oaks operates a number of hunting and fishing programs for young people and veterans. Committed to helping veterans adapt to civilian life, the organization offers Hero Celebrations to help them combat stress and depression. Based on the idea that a connection with nature improves mental health, the program utilizes adaptive resources such as the Trinity Oaks Action Trackchair, an all-terrain wheelchair, to help veterans gain greater independence and mobility as they hunt and fish. The program also offers the opportunity for veterans with PTSD and other mental traumas to enjoy such outdoor activities.

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